The Weird World of 19th c. Mediums

There’s a new piece of mine up at JSTOR Daily revisiting the profession of mediumship in the wake of the current women’s movements. Drawing from the work of R. Laurence Moore, it details how nineteenth-century women used the professional opportunities afforded by the rise of spiritualism to assume male social roles, to achieve some measure of autonomy, and to access centers of power previously unavailable to them. It’s available here:

New essay on Jeff Flake in Religion Dispatches

Religion Dispatches just published an essay of mine on the Mormon influences (and imperatives) of Jeff Flake’s recent anti-Trump speeches. This piece digs deeper into how Mormon commitments to empiricism (of a kind) and models of prophecy drawn from the Book of Mormon inflect Flake’s most recent speech on the political and theological importance of truth telling.